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Installing the Software

Before you begin:
LaneMaster is a very large DOS program. We strongly recommend that you run it with one of the latest versions of MS-DOS (6.0 or later), and that you run MEMMAKER on your system to maximize the amount of conventional memory available.  To run LaneMaster, you will need approximately 600K of free conventional memory.  (Please see your DOS manual for details.)  Also, if you do get any "Out of Memory" errors, it might be very helpful to use the Startup Menu feature of DOS (6.0 and later) to create a "LaneMaster (Clean Boot)" setup, not loading drivers for CD-ROMs or other devices which are not used with LaneMaster. (For details, type "HELP" (without the quotes) at the "C:\>" prompt, and then select < MENUITEM>, or consult your local "PC guru".)

(International Users: You must set your computer to use "US Keyboard". Consult your DOS manual for details.)

If you are using a virus checking program, and especially if you have a slower computer, you should disable virus checking while you use LaneMaster.  Also, if you are using disk compression such as "Stacker" or any other software file compressor, LaneMaster will not work correctly.  Again, consult your other software's manual or talk to your favorite PC guru to correct either of these potential problems!


Turn on your computer and watch the boot-up screen carefully to make sure that LaneMaster's settings don't conflict with any other devices in your system. Insert the LaneMaster disk into your floppy drive. Change to that drive and type LMSETUP, then press "Enter". This will run the automatic installation program "LMSETUP.EXE" which will copy LaneMaster onto your hard drive and help you to configure it. When you run "LMSETUP.EXE", it will ask you which drive you want to install LaneMaster onto, then it will create a directory and copy the necessary files into that directory. Next, it will create a batch file in the root directory of your C: drive ("C:\") called "LANE.BAT".

NOTE: LaneMaster will not and should not be added to your path, however, it is much more convenient if "LANE.BAT" is in a directory in your path. In other words, if C:\ is not part of your path, copy "LANE.BAT" to a directory that is in your path. To find out which directories are included in your path, at the C:\> prompt, type "PATH" and press "Enter". "LANE.BAT" can be copied to any of the directories listed there. To run LaneMaster without using the batch file you must first change to the \LANEMSTR directory, then type LANEMSTR and press "Enter". If you choose not to use the batch file, you must always run LaneMaster from within its own directory (C:\LANEMSTR or whatever you typed in during installation) or else it won't have the correct settings to work with and could put results in directories where you may not be able to find them later!!

Finally, LaneMaster will ask you about your computer, allowing you to adjust the software settings for your specific system. If you are using a 486 or faster computer, select 250 milliseconds. If you are using a 386 or 'fast' 286 select 500 milliseconds. For a 'slow' 286 or 'very fast' (i.e. 'turbocharged' XT) 8086, select 1 second. (Important Note: LaneMaster is NOT SUPPORTED on 8086 [PC or XT] computers in general and will usually not work, but if you have a souped-up one and lots of patience, it might work!) You must also configure the LaneMaster software to the same port address that you set with the DIP switches on the board, so select the appropriate address here. Then select the appropriate video type for your system.

An important note about video...

For the lane colors to appear correctly, you must select the type of video adapter that you actually have in your computer. Unfortunately, CGA monitors do not allow the use of the color orange. If you select CGA as your monitor type, pink is substituted for orange, but LaneMaster will record and print the race results showing "ORG" or "ORANGE" as the color of the lane in the appropriate heats. If you do not select CGA, LaneMaster will not run with a computer that only has a CGA adapter!

If the screen goes blank and nothing happens when you first run LaneMaster, you should change to the LaneMaster directory (CD\ LANEMSTR "Enter") then type in "LANEMSTR CGA" and "Enter". This will force LaneMaster to start in CGA mode. You should then select Edit, Hardware and set the monitor to CGA permanently.

Some EGA and VGA adapters might have a problem such as flickering when you use orange. If this is the case, select CGA as your monitor type. You will not lose any video quality, but orange will be displayed in pink, as described above.

If you are installing the LaneMaster Phototransistor kit (see section 5), and/or have installed a Remote Track Call button, as explained in Section 4, you can also click on the "Remote Track Call installed" button here. DO NOT turn on this feature if you are using the Demo Version!!!!

Hardware Settings in the Software

As long as LaneMaster starts up (i.e. the video is set correctly), you can change any of the hardware settings without having to reinstall the entire program. Just click on Edit, Hardware and then click on the desired settings. You should set the "Default Number of Printed Copies" in the Hardware Settings window. This number will be suggested each time you print race reports. If you do want a different number of copies at the time of printing , you can always change it then. If you don't have a printer connected, you should set this to "0", but if you do have a printer, we strongly recommend that you set this to at least "1" so that you don't accidentally blow through the opportunity to print race results by pressing the "Enter" key one time too many!

Reinstalling/Upgrading LaneMaster

You can re-run LMSETUP anytime if you have a problem that you think it might correct. Also, reinstalling or installing a new updated version will preserve all of your stored settings and old races, so don't be concerned about having to configure everything again if you upgrade and don't worry about losing race records!

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